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What Will Oprah's New Book Club Pick Be?

On September 17th, Oprah will announce her latest book club pick, the 14th anniversary of her first-ever book club selection. With her talk show ending in 2011, it’s possible that this book, her 64th pick, will be her last.

She may be launching her own cable network and who knows what sort of incarnation the book club will have there (I’m betting an entire half-hour show with Oprah’s name and influence, but not presence), but this may be the end of an era. It’s unclear how many Oprah followers will follow her to cable television and how far her reach will be once her beloved talk show has ended. But all this is speculation for another time. What remains is this question: Considering this pick is possibly the last, what will it be? Will she go for a recent read and turn it into a blockbuster? Revive a forgotten classic? Pick something completely different?

We here at Bookclub-in-a-Box are guessing her pick will be a recent publication, something published after 2008. It’ll be a respected title, but not one that had international reach. It’ll be long and weighty, but not as misery-filled as her previous picks. It’ll be poignant for Oprah and her show, but also for readers everywhere.

Here are five possibilities. What title do you think Oprah will choose? Share your suggestions in the comments!

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

Why it has a shot: Freedom is shaping up to be the novel of the year. It was published at the right time and the people paying attention to Franzen aren’t necessarily the people who pay attention to Oprah. The redemption story may be too good to pass up, and selecting Freedom will show the world that Oprah has her finger on America’s literary pulse and a forgiving soul to boot.

Why it won’t get picked: The timing seems a bit off. The Oprah-labelled books are already at the printers and will be on shelves on September 17th. Franzen’s book came out very recently, so unless Oprah pre-emptively selected it, it seems unlikely.

Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill

Why it has a shot: It’s the type of narrative Oprah loves, the all-encompassing slave narrative that transcends geographical and cultural borders. It’ll be a throwback to her previous involvement with turning such titles into films, represent her personal preferences and her history. Since it was published a few seasons ago, it missed it’s chance of entering the American cultural psyche. It was respected and well-reviewed without

Why it won’t be picked: It’s a Canadian book by a Canadian author and the themes might be a bit too heavy-handed for her final pick. This book would’ve worked better when Oprah was picking a book a month, not a book a year.

Little Bee by Chris Cleave

Why it has a shot: The book is heart-breaking, explores many themes that would resonate with Oprah and her fan-base, has already received critical acclaim, but is largely a word-of-mouth hit. While already fairly popular, it could use a boost from Oprah’s approval.

Why it won’t get picked: It’s been floating around and gaining steam for a year and a half, perhaps too long to make it buzz-worthy and not long enough to make it a modern classic.

Picking Cotton by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino picked Ronald Cotton

Why it has a shot: Can you imagine the Oprah-centric episode for this book? Bringing the accuser and accusee together to discuss their book and what it was like to collaborate on a book together and heal together after the devastating false accusation? Oprah would be all over this.

Why it won’t get picked: Rape is a heavy topic and if this is indeed Oprah’s last mainstream pick ever, she might not want to go there. Plus, the last time Oprah tried to do non-fiction (remember James Frey?), it didn’t go so well. If this is indeed her final pick, she’ll want it to be fiction.

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

Why it has a shot: A first-time novelist produces an instant classic filled with pain and powerful questions? That has Oprah written all over it. Verghese’s own story is fascinating as well, coming to America to make it as a doctor and eventually winds up teaching writing at one of the most respected universities in the world.

Why it won’t get picked: It’s over a year old and has tons of critical and commercial acclaim already.

What do you think? There are rumors flying every which way and we don’t know what ones to listen to and what ones to ignore. We just know that we’re excited to read whatever Oprah selects this month and, regardless of what it is, are excited that Oprah will get people reading again.

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  1. SHENECA says:

    It will be In His Hands by Latasha Holcy. Profound book of stength and belief that you can do anything. It is breath taking.

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