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Bookclub-in-a-Box's 2011 summer reading selections

Every year, Marilyn Herbert puts together a reading list of the books she’s either already read or is most excited about reading right now, some of which will turn into full Bookclub-in-a-Box discussion guides later in the year. (We’ve already started working on Room, which will feature a full-length interview with Emma Donoghue, including material that didn’t make it into our blog post earlier this month!)

So have a look, and please share your thoughts in the comments below. Which of these books would you most like to read with your book club? What other books are you reading right now?

Room (Emma Donoghue)

Emma Donoghue’s latest novel, loosely based on an actual abduction case, tells the story of resilient young Jack and his devoted Ma, who have been held captive in an 11’x11’ room since before Jack was born — he has never seen a real tree, or met another person other than Ma and “Old Nick,” their captor. Room is written from Jack’s point of view, using his own language, letting the reader see the world from his innocent, sheltered, uniquely fresh perspective.

One day, Jack and Ma devise a plan to escape to “Outside” where Ma tells him there are actual people and places like the ones he sees on TV. How and when they escape is a tense piece of storytelling, leading into the equally difficult issue of Ma and Jack’s integration back into the outside world.