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Google's doodles honour Mr. Men / Little Miss author Roger Hargreaves

Click image to see next doodleThe creative team at Google seems to honour someone or something different every day with their variations on the standard colourful logo. We couldn’t help but smile when we noticed that today’s altered logo includes 16 illustrations of the beloved Mr. Men/Little Miss characters by the late children’s author Roger Hargreaves, who would have been 76 today.

According to PC Magazine, “Hargreaves’ career as a children’s book author started in 1971 when his young son asked him, ‘What does a tickle look like?’ To explain, Hargreaves created Mr. Tickle, a small orange man with a big smile, tiny blue hat, and very long arms. That spawned five other characters—Mr. Greedy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Happy, Mr. Bump, and Mr. Sneeze—the books for which were first published on August 10, 1971.”

Click the images after the jump for a full gallery of Google’s doodles, including everyone from Little Miss Sunshine to Mr. Bump. Who are your favourite Mr. Men and Little Miss characters? Frankly, we’re a little miffed they left out Little Miss Stubborn, and there’s nothing you can do to change our mind.