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Happy birthday Type Books!

This past Saturday, Toronto’s own Type Books celebrated their fifth birthday, surrounded by a steady stream of book-loving well-wishers. In addition to festive red balloons, free brownies, and flavoured tea, guests of Type Books had the chance to catch brief readings from a huge list of authors — 17 in total — including Jessica Westhead (And Also Sharks), Zoe Whittall (Holding Still For as Long as Possible), and short story writer Dawn Promislow (Jewels and Other Stories).

Congratulations on five years, Type — judging by the continuous stream of booklovers who passed through the store from open to close, we imagine we’ll be seeing you for an even bigger party in another five.

As an audio treat, check out this recording from the Type Books birthday party: David Wall performs his punny song “The Tines They Are A-Changin'” — based on the children’s book Spork by his wife, Kyo Maclear, who read at the event — followed by a birthday song for Type Books.

Kyo Maclear reads from her children's book "Spork," before her husband, David Wall, sings his original song "The Tines They Are A-Changin'."

Jessica Westhead celebrates society's misfits with a reading from her collection "And Also Sharks."

Store co-owner Samara Walbohm and Type staffer Kalpna Patel in their Saturday best.

Type Books guests socialize and browse the store's well-curated collection in between readings.

Zoe Whittall, the final author of the day, reads from her novel "Holding Still For as Long as Possible."

Type Books' celebratory window display at the Queen Street West store.

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