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Girls, The (Lori Lansens)

Rose and Ruby Darlen are born joined at the head with no possibility of surgical correction. They are twin sisters who will never be able to look into each other’s eyes. Lori Lansens has written a revealing, informative, and sensitive story about the lives of conjoined twins. Amazingly, the girls see themselves as separate beings and, as we get into their story, we too begin to see them as distinct individuals. The Girls tells the story of a set of twins who are seen in society as very different. Lansens explores how those differences affect the girls, their immediate circle of family, friends, and neighbors.


This Bookclub-in-a-Box PDF mini-discussion guide (51 pages) for Lori Lansens' novel The Girls includes:

• Novel synopsis
• Author information
• Background information on the history of conjoined twins
• Character analysis
• Focus points and themes
• Writing style and structure
• Symbols
• Book club discussion questions


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