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History of Love and Great House (Nicole Krauss 2-in-1 guide)

About The History of Love: Octagenarian Leo is lonely in an absolutely physical and visceral way. He is in the twilight of his life and constantly contemplates his death; his greatest fear is to die unnoticed and invisible. But Leo’s fight against anonymity begins to resolve itself as we tag along in the paralleled story of 14-year-old Alma. We follow the tracks that lead her to both Leo and the meaning behind his only novel, The History of Love, written at a time when Leo was young and the world was still whole. Once, Leo lived across the ocean, in a time and place prior to the Holocaust, when love vanished along with so many people. Leo lost not only the book, but also the object of his love, a girl named Alma who was then in her teenage years. Leo, now an old man, has lived his entire life in the shadow of that first love.

About Great HouseGreat House, Nicole Krauss’ third book, is not your usual novel. Instead of a central cast of characters and a main narrative with two or three subplots, Great House has four different casts of characters, four seemingly unconnected narratives occurring all over the world, and it is broken up into eight large sections. What all of these stories have in common is the emotional journey of loss that is at the heart of the novel, a journey paralleled by a giant writing desk that finds itself, physically or figuratively, in each of the distinct sections. As you read through the self-contained stories, you will encounter musings on the craft of writing, parenting, the movement of history, and the almost infinite number of ways to deal with the idea of loss.

This Bookclub-in-a-Box PDF 2-in-1 discussion guide (110 pages) for Nicole Krauss's two novels, The History of Love (2005) and Great House (2010) includes:

• Novel synopsis
• Author information
• Character analysis
• Focus points and themes
• Writing style and structure
• Symbols
• Important quotes from the novel
• Book club discussion questions
• Comparison of the two novels


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