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Uncommon Reader, The (Alan Bennett)

If you were the Queen of England, what would you be reading? Important international treatises on policy and politics? Books on current and historical events? But then again, as head of state, you might only have time for magazines, journals, and newspapers. Or more likely, you would be briefed and advised by your professional staff, in the form of short “book” reports. In these scenarios, the Queen accepts other people’s viewpoints and does not have the time or luxury to develop her own. In Alan Bennett’s majestic book, The Uncommon Readerthe Queen broadens her perspective by immersing herself into a never-ending world of words and ideas: fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, and more. Alan Bennett presents a singular sovereign next to the rest of us — the uncommon reader vs. the common ones.

We meet Bennett’s Queen as she encounters a strange van in her driveway that turns out to be a travelling library. She enters and borrows a book. One book leads to another and the Queen discovers, for the first time, the joys of reading for pleasure. As she reads more and more, and is involved in her duties less and less, her loyal servants and handlers become confused and angered by how this newfound interest has thrown the monarchy into upheaval.


This Bookclub-in-a-Box PDF discussion guide (79 pages) for Alan Bennett's novel The Uncommon Reader includes:

• Novel synopsis
• Author information
• Character analysis
• Focus points and themes
• Writing style and structure
• Symbols
• Important quotes from the novel
• Book club discussion questions


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