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Author Interview: Linden MacIntyre on his newest novel, Why Men Lie

The long-awaited follow-up to Linden MacIntyre’s novel The Bishop’s Man officially launches tomorrow, and the Giller Prize–winning author recently spoke to Bookclub-in-a-Box about his new book, Why Men Lie, which offers a moving and emotionally complex conclusion to the Cape Breton trilogy.

Why Men Lie takes place two years after the events of The Bishop’s Man. We’re introduced to Effie MacAskill Gillis, sister of the troubled priest Duncan. It’s 1997, and Effie is an independent, middle-aged woman working as a tenured professor of Celtic Studies, but her complicated and often disappointing love life has left her all but ready to give up on the opposite sex. Then suddenly, a chance encounter with a man on a Toronto subway platform gives Effie renewed hope. J.C. Campbell is an old friend she hasn’t seen for more than 20 years—an attractive, single man who appears to possess the stability and good sense she longs for.

After all of her experience in relationships with men, Effie thought she knew all she needed to about what to expect, and how to maintain her self-sufficiency. Why do men lie?, she wants to know. But whether it’s for love, for protection, or for more selfish reasons, Effie soon learns that no amount of experience can prepare you for what might resurface from the past, and for the damage that might cause, emotionally or otherwise.