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Author interview: Samantha Stroh Bailey on Finding Lucas and the art of self-publishing

Toronto-based author Samantha Stroh Bailey just self-published her first book, Finding Lucas, an honest and funny novel about Jamie Ross, a woman who realizes five years into her relationship that her boyfriend, Derek, is no longer the same man she fell in love with. And even though she can hardly stand to be around him anymore, and her closest friends and family make it clear they think he’s no good for her, she can’t find the courage to leave him. Then one day she starts thinking about Lucas, the guy who confessed his love to her when they were both much younger, and Jamie makes a leap of courage that takes her to some truly unexpected places.

Publishing this book has been a journey in itself for Stroh Bailey, who took it upon herself to research the self-publishing process and launch her novel as an ebook—it can be purchased from Amazon’s Kindle store. The author spoke to us from her Toronto home about the chicklit genre, the self-publishing process, and the inspiration for Finding Lucas.